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Which Is?

Which is the most beautiful day? The strongest force? Which is the most dangerous person?

The most beautiful day? Today.

The easiest thing? To err.

The biggest influence? Mother.

The biggest obstacle? Fear.

The biggest error? Abandon oneself.

The root of all evil? Egotism.

The most beautiful distraction? To work.

Your greatest creation? Children.

Your worst defeat? Discouragement.

The first need? Communication.

What makes you happiest? To help others.

Greatest mystery? Death.

Worst defeat? Bad mood.

Most dangerous person? Envious one.

The baddest feeling? Resentment.

Most beautiful gift? Forgiveness.

The most vital? Home.
The fastest route? The correct one.

The most pleasant sensation? Inner peace.

The most effective shield? A smile.

The best remedy? Optimism.

The biggest satisfaction? An accomplished duty.

The strongest force in the world? Faith.

The most beautiful of all? Love.

Ernesto Cole

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