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Why Does a Bird Sing?

Why does the bird sing? A lesson in teaching to those who will listen or not - why argue with someone when you can't change their mind? Learn from this fable on changing people's views by Ernesto Cole - Wisdom From Within

Why Does the Bird Sing?

A teacher who had received much acclaim for his insights and discourses into the nature of the universe was asked by one of his students what the difference he hoped to make in the world through his teaching.

After a few moment’s thought, the teacher replied that he had no such hopes. “Those who can truly hear what I have to say don’t really need me to say it. Those who can’t hear could listen until I was hoarse and could no longer speak without changing in the slightest.”

The student was confused.

“But if you can’t make a difference with your ideas, why do you teach at all?”

The teacher smiled. “Why does a bird sing?”

Ernesto Cole

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