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The Lion and the Fox

Fox and the Lion Fable Story Parable - Ernesto Cole - Wisdom From Within

The Lion and the Fox

A man was walking through the woods outside his home one day when he came across a hungry fox who seemed to be at death’s door.

Because he was a kind man, he thought to bring it some food.

But, before he could go back to his home, he heard a fearsome roar and hid behind a tree.

In seconds, a mountain lion appeared, dragging the carcass of its freshly caught prey.

The lion ate its fill and then wandered off, leaving the remains for the grateful fox.

The man was overwhelmed by this example of an abundant and benevolent universe and decided that he wouldn’t return to his home or his job.

Instead working hard to provide for himself, he would follow the example of the fox and allow the universe to provide for him.

Needless to say, the fox wandered off, and as days turned into weeks, the man himself was hungry and at death’s door.

Despite his best efforts to retain his faith, he was becoming desperate.

In a rare moment of inner quiet, he heard the still, small voice of his own wisdom, “Why have you sought to emulate the fox instead of the lion?”

With that, the man returned home and ate his fill.

Lion and the Fox fable, parable - abundance, wealth, provisions - Wisdom From Within - Ernesto Cole

Ernesto Cole

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