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Changing through growth and success - becoming a better person from prison with teachings and application.

Hello, gentlemen, and with dear respect and love I welcome you all.

After this last lockdown, I had lots of time to meditate, read, and reflect about many things, but most importantly about how I can apportion some wisdom to this beautiful and noble workshop, so that its efforts will not be in vain for any of us.

Then I thought to myself: “Well, you do enjoy writing because it puts you in a good mood and it exalts your wellbeing, so why not write something helpful and read it to the class?”

Therefore, beloveds, here is the following:

The teachings and intentions of this re-entry workshop are quite simple: to help us all.

All we must do is commit to its information, acknowledge it, and put it to good use, and will undoubtedly reap dear benefits. Sure enough, our minds can be a complicated thing. Most of our lives, our minds have complicated things through their own misunderstandings and false premises.

This may have come about through our environments and the way we’ve been conditioned—and thus, our ego structure has become somewhat complex.

It is not enough for our minds to accept that our essence is love and happiness.

It is more interesting if a lot of complex things have to be explained and understood for the mind to take pride in new discoveries.

Although this workshop is basically about making us aware of recidivist attitudes, the object of the course is such that the mind can participate in it fully. Because, if our minds are entertained long enough and taken out of their comfort zone, subtle processes that require time and continuity can take place. By doing the lessons and reading, reading, reading the manual and its addendum, our minds are kept occupied enough to provide this continuity and, therefore, breakthroughs can occur.

In a sense, this workshop is an unfolding of ever-expanding perspectives until finally we attain the perspective that is all-inclusive and accepting. Many of us suffer from certain beliefs that must be disputed and softened for our minds to be free. We must be flexible enough to flow with what is now, otherwise further growth will be very difficult, if possible.

To succeed in this workshop, we’re not required to believe in something (but ourselves) or even agree with anything (just the results). There’s nothing to accept on blind faith.

The validity of all this lies in our own experiences, our inner process. We don’t have to take anyone’s word for anything. The facilitators are not asking us to believe anything. It is our awareness/consciousness that will actually happen to us.

There is no dogma here, the only way we can truly benefit from the arduous work everyone has put into all of this is to put it into positive practice.

We must develop a vision and an awareness of that which we may presently be unaware of.

The majority of us are absolute beginners of the path of growth and awareness and may not have the slightest idea of what is being discussed here. All that is okay.

Even if we feel certain terms aren’t sufficiently defined, soon enough they will become part of our vocabulary. The important thing for now is that we have committed ourselves to this endeavor and, therefore, put the lessons and what we learn to practice. Very simple, no?

This re-entry workshop is for us to tune in and rid ourselves of the negative ego, become aware, and to understand how to apply its teachings to all the practical aspects of our daily lives. If we do this, we will see how our practices free us from the negative aspects and lead us to live a more fruitful existence.

Yes, gentlemen, I can attest that making changes may prove challenging, since bad habits are hard to break. But if we commit to becoming a better person, I can assure us dear benefits and successes. Just take a long view and accept that we may experience setbacks when attempting change.

Here are some guidelines I’ve come across in my readings to bear in mind when we anticipate the challenges ahead.

  • Remember that change requires committed effort and can cost more than we think, but shaping the life we want is worth the investment. Think about the resources—specially of our time, and what we will put into our change program.
  • Let’s choose methods that are right for us, not the latest get rich and happy quick theory. And, if something we try doesn’t work, let’s be prepared to reflect on the reasons and try something different.
  • Realize that willpower may at times be overrated. Most people cannot sustain willpower in the face of temptation. So let’s avoid actions, no matter how small, that jeopardize our goals.
  • Accept the fact that we almost certainly don’t make it a promise to commit to developing our awareness of ourselves so that we can replace habits that are destructive with ones that are creative and productive.
  • Promise to never accept second-best for yourself when it comes to you.
  • Promise to see and learn from all your experiences and actions.


“We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we become.”


“Happiness is a habit, not a destination.”

Please absorb. Good luck, and God bless.

Ernesto Cole


How to accept things that you cannot change and overcome difficulties - inprisonment, suffering, and difficulties.

Dear Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

The reason I opened this with prayer is because of its meaning and the fact that I was reading an excellent book afforded to me by a dear friend and it resonated so vividly with one of my many values that I decided to share with everyone.

Therefore, without further delay, here’s what it alluded to and to what I understand by it— if you truly want your life to flow and change for the better, you need to accept and appreciate everything that shows up for you—even and especially the things you can’t control, don’t want, and positively abhor!

Sounds contrary, right? Well, maybe a little counter-intuitive, I agree. Still, let me share a very important secret with you, based on my own experience and that of so many I have read from and about.

If you can implement this aspect of accepting and appreciating what you have into your life, even if other changes prove too challenging, you will dramatically enhance the quality of your life.

Allow me to explain. Letting go of resistance and getting into acceptance is a way of allowing the flow in your life. Mastering the art of acceptance doesn’t just make you feel better in a bad or challenging situation—it really does. The deeper truth is that everything that happens to you has potential to open you to even more joy and happiness, especially the seemingly bad things in your life.

You have no doubt already had experience of a twist of fate for the worse that turned out to be for the better. Perhaps you were made redundant and with the changes in law, your sentence is shorter. Be aware now that it wasn’t an exception. It IS THE RULE! Shifting your perspective so that you want and accept what you have, even the so-called negative aspects, will pay dear dividends in your life.

The trick is in stepping back and identifying the lesson in whatever has happened and allowing yourself to change, grow, and evolve. You cannot do that without letting go of resistance and getting into acceptance. Beyond that then, if you come to believe that everything has a positive intention for you, then you move in a state of being appreciative of all that happens, because you trust and hop that “silver lining” is there to be found, and it will be worth more than all the heartache.

Trust and Hope are key factors here, because it might indeed take some time before you can see how the lesson plays out for the positive.

Are there exceptions to this? The really painful events of life, like the death of a loved one, don’t have silver linings. Even so, you can allow the process of grieving and coming to acceptance to change you in a healthy and positive ways. You may come to appreciate and value your life and relationships more, knowing that every moment is precious.

So a key to flowing and enjoying life is wanting and accepting what you already have, for the love of it, or the deeper gift, know that by doing this it opens up the potential to create more, or different, or better.

And when it feels impassible to want what has happened, know that by accepting it, you can allow yourself to grow and evolve.

Wherever you are right now is perfect, even when it is not!

And if that scrambles your brain, that’s key as well. Take a moment now to reflect on that statement and begin to feel how it may be true to you.

Thank you and God bless!

Ernesto Cole

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