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The purpose of Wisdom From Within is to add practicality to the Recidawareness (recidivism awareness) workshop, which is geared to teach us how to develop and increase mind-fitness for a benign cause, the use of its direct power for our benefit and society’s, and to better the conditions in our lives and around us.

The course also focuses on how to reduce the struggles of re-entry and help participants realize the different levels of anxieties and distortions that create the chase for passions.

We all need a successful re-integration to society and this is why the workshop focuses on the guide for self-discovery, improvement, balances related to physical character, surroundings, social relation, and culture.

The workshop recognizes that we are all different and have different ways of understanding and absorbing information – thus, the reason for this website.

Before you begin reading this material, I would like to recommend two mental shifts that will greatly enhance the value you receive from it.

First, look at this material as a companion for the continual process for change and growth – not to read once and be done with.

It is not written in an organized fashion, since situations in life do not occur in an organized way, but in a matter, that as you read it – will oblige you to reflect and become more aware.

As you progress through deeper levels of reflections, you can go back time and again to the essays and other material to expand your knowledge, skill, and desire.

Writings to help the incarcerated and newly released to prevent recividism.

Second, I suggest you shift your position of involvement in this material from role of learner to that of teacher.

Take an inside-out approach and read with the purpose in mind of sharing or discussing what you learn with someone else – preferably within two days after you learn it.

If you approach this material in such manner, you will not only remember what you read, but your perspective will be expanded, your understanding deepened, and your motivation to apply the material increased.

Additionally, you may notice the title Wisdom From Within and an incarcerated individual writing from a prison cell and think you’re going home soon and thus this material does not apply to you.

Activating events and situations happen in life whether incarcerated or not. Therefore the material herein applies to any human with a conscience.

Furthermore, the word Within is quoted solely to reflect on the fact that the material has come from the writer’s heart and soul via prison – nothing more, nothing less.

Please enjoy and benefit from its content.

Thank you for your time and God bless.

Ernesto Cole

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